Vietnam Life 2 days- Homestay 145USD/person


This is Vietnam life!


Pick you up from your hotel at 9:00 a.m with some overnight necessary preparation. Get on your ready scooter and start the journey!
Just a few minutes on main road, we turn to village road along the river. Up the river through small houses, pass rice fields, farms, markets, towns. Then the green bamboo trees appear more and more, the symbol of deep countryside. How beautiful it is when we cross the serene river along villages.
Some stops on your way to take pretty photos of the farmers, their homes or some going by buffalos or cows. This type of scenery will make your soul extremely happy.
After 2 hours, we arrive at the “home away from town”, your home right on the river bank. Check in your room, start to use traditional tools in the new home and see how a traditional Vietnamese house is!
Grilled river fish, family grown pork, and farm chicken with garden vegetable and steamed rice will be a real specialty meal.
After taking a rest, we get on scooter to discover mountainous area. Go along the main village road up to the mountain. After 30 minutes cruise, we will arrive at a mythical water fall.
Legend said that there is a wonderful fruits garden on the top of the mountain where the water fall begins. All guests who could go up to the top would be welcomed by the garden to eat the fruits. Of course, there were plenty of fruits so the guests could eat whatever they liked. But if any of them wanted to bring the fruits down the mountain they would have a problem: they never found the way down and would get lost in the mountains. But if they just put the fruits down, they would easily found the way home.
waterIt is actually still a legend because when we arrive at the stream, you would see that the water fall is so long. It takes hours to walk from the end down here up to the place we can see from far away. So we never know how long it is still after the place that we can see!
A swim here at the middle of the mountain with beautiful mountain around you is a special present. The water is extremely fresh and clear. It is absolutely a Wow!

Leave the water fall by stepping on rock at the middle of the stream, we will come back to our scooter to continue the mountain discovery. We will meander between green mountains. Sometimes we will see some villages and farms in front of mountains with cows walking in the
Stop at a town near ethnic group for some coffee or soft drinks. See the locals walking by and relax.
15 minutes are quite enough to continue. On our way back, we will go at the other side of the river back to your “ home”. It takes 2 hours back.
Dinner will be ready after the shower right outside the home. Another special meal that five star restaurant may have.

nightAfter dinner we will have 2 hours fishing in the river. Pick your farmers’ tools and let go to the river. Walk along river with your tool and light and we start our adventure. The fishing in the river needs some techniques that you easily pick after the guidance of the family. More or less fish is not the matter, you will certainly have a funny evening adventure along the river…

Sleep well with some funny images still remains sometimes in your dreams…
Waked up by rooster’s crow, breakfast will be ready again in the warm kitchen. Some hot veggie soup with roasted corn crackers and lots of fruits will bring you a good starter. Get ready and walk to the river bank where the boat awaits for you.
Get on the Thu Bon river which used to be the main transportation between Hoi An and the mountainous area for the fish sauce, fruits, wood, business. Now we will go up the river to see the local farms that built lives of many generations. The boat will take us to water melons farms to see how big the fruits are here. Then to chili farms with different colours: white, green, black, orange and red depending on how old the chilies are. Then to the big sweet corn farms. Here we can see different types of corn and the technique how to keep them through winter. The boat also takes us to ever told through century story: silk village where you can see plenty of mulberry trees of what the leaves are the food of the silk worms… The boat will show us the daily life of the farmers on the farms and where we can see the meaning of the real “Peace” here.


The boat will take us back to our home to have a river speciality: river fish and shrimps hot pot. Another unforgettable meal!
Pack your luggage, say goodbye to the family, get on scooter and back to the road. “all roads lead to home”. Cross a local ferry where you can see again the daily life of the locals on the ferry. Now we get on the other bank of the river.
From here, we will cruise down the river bank road, through different rice fields, different markets, different bridges, different tree shade,…
…and back to Hoi An after 2 hours.

                         The End of A More Than A Hollywood Film !!

Thank you for reading this PASSION AUTOMATIC SCOOTER TOURS. Join the group to discover your special day.

Price: 145 USD/ person.

Tour includes:
New automatic scooter with or without driver (manual bikes are available)
Home stay overnight
All meals & all drinks
Ferry tickets, private boat trip.
English tour guide.
One day travel insurance.
Self drive guest has 15% discounted,
Children: under 5: free, from 5 to 12: half price. Older than 12: full price.
Not included: bike destruction or loss, personal expenses, whatever not mentioned in tour itinerary.

The author and a tourist in 2010