Twinkling Hoi An

The ancient town of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province is charming thanks to many historic houses, souvenir shops and temples lit by glistening colorful lanterns along the streets that inspire tourists to explore the whole small town on foot for sure.

When the night comes down, the lanterns hung in front of the shops, on the tree branches, along the river banks and at the corners of the streets are turned on. The brilliant scenery is not complete without the candle-lit flower garlands drifting in the river.

Tourists are advised to stroll around the town to admire the landscape, seek some souvenirs, enjoy local specialties and certainly take some snapshots.

Local artisans perform folk music and instruments on the street. All create a very tranquil, cozy, romantic and fantastic place.

My Tran (thesaigontimes)